Calling vs Texting

Data reveals what hotel guests really want.

March 15, 2020

According to insights from MSCI, Millennials represent the largest generation to date, making up 23% of the world’s population in 2020.

According to further research digital interactions make up Gen Z and Millennials 65% of their total communication, far outweighing verbal or in-person communication.To investigate this trend further, survey respondents were given a hypothetical question: imagine if your smartphone could no longer both place calls and send text messages but could only fill one of the two functions…which would you choose?

Nearly 70% of respondents chose messaging!

Knowing the preferred method of communication for a growing majority of your guests why not delight them with a sleek, easy-to-use platform?

Hotel Chat

Other insights from the Digital Life report:

  • The phone is the new wallet: 61.8% of global consumers ages 18–34 would choose to leave their wallet at home instead of their phone.
  • Digital is the new IRL (“In Real Life”): Globally, a majority of Gen Z and Millennials (65%) communicate with each other more often digitally than in person.
  • The phone is now truly an extension of the self: 70.1% of Gen Z and Millennials across the globe sleep with their phone within arm’s reach.
  • The future is 100% digital: A majority of Gen Z and Millennials around the world (69.5%) can imagine a future where 100% of purchases are done digitally/online.


By Terje Abrams

Terje is the Happiness Guru at Staytus